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Holistic Counseling Services 

Mindfulness and Yoga

Private Yoga - kids, adults and groups available. Personalized yoga lessons focused around what your needs are! The one-on-one session will make it easy and comfortable to achieve personal goals. Partner Yoga available. 

Kids Classes - A creative approach to teaching kids helps build focus, determination and strength. Some of the elements included: breathing techniques to help them focus, moving into building strength and confidence through poses and ending with creating a calm environment, which allows the kids to grow and thrive. ​

Corporate Wellness Program - Healthy and Happy employees are the key to a successful business. Nutrition presentations available to educate a group of people about various nutrition topics and on-site Yoga available before/after work or lunch time express. The Wellness program will help reduce stress levels of your employees, reduce sick days, create an overall happy environment and optimize performance.



Children -Teenagers- Young Adults- ​Families

My Approach

Holistic approach that is individualized based on each person's unique needs, with an integrated method looking at the connection between the mind and the body.


Children 6-11

Adolescents 12-17

Young Adults 

Anxiety Disorders  

Social Anxiety

Select Mutism              

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders



Personality Disorders              
Parenting and Relationship Issues
Substance Abuse/Addictions      
Stress Management

Mindfulness & Yoga

Eating Disorder

Group Therapy

Stress management reduction group for teens.

Family Therapy

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Kimberly Nofi